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Our personal air filtration device filters the air from viruses, bacteria and air pollution. Scientifically proven to destroy 99.7% of COVID.

Features of AIRYA

Easy Flow Kit is the next level of innovation in personal air purification. Airya has partnered with Easy Flow USA, as the exclusive distributor of the Easy Flow in Europe.
It is a unique system which looks like a mask, but is much more when compared to a traditional mask.

It is a personal air ­filtration system which can be worn anywhere. The battery gives you fresh and clean air for up to 10 hours, after a simple overnight charge.

It’s scientifically proven to filter 99% of the air pollution. The filter cleans the air from corona virus, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and various other dangerous pollutants.

You can combine our air filtration device with any mask. Our device keeps your mask dryer, which will make your mask last longer. A moist mask attracts dirt and bacteria; a dryer masks keeps you safer.

Two problems solved

Professionals from industries all over the world wear respiratory systems and surgical respirator to protect their health from hazardous chemicals and harmful dusts. However, research has shown that wearing a surgical respirator does little to protect you from harmful particulate matter.

  • While wearing a mask, especially for long periods of time, you never receive enough “fresh air” and you are breathing your own exhaled CO2. In fact, wearing a respirator for long periods of time can cause discomfort, and may induce physiological stress on the wearer, making regular tasks more challenging, causing headaches, nausea, and other serious side effects.

  • Almost all masks, including an N95, have at least 15% leakage. Air will seek the path of least resistance, and if the air is contaminated, or aerosols are in the area, you are breathing contaminated air.

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The solution: The personal filtration device Easy Flow

Easy Flow filters 99.71% of Virus & Bacteria. Easy Flow provides a positive pressurized airflow of filtered fresh air directly inside the respirator.

This positive pressurized flow of air helps to block contaminated air from entering through the gaps making your respirator more effective and comfortable. Enjoy filtered air anytime, anywhere you go.

Let the Easy Flow Personal Air Filtration System help block virtually all the particulate matter from entering your lungs and the entire cardiovascular system. Easy Flow’s positive air flow creates a dryer, more effective respirator that protects you from these harmful airborne pollutants!

Your personal filter system

How does it work?

The Easy Flow is a small device you can install on a lanyard around your neck or attach to your belt or keep in your pocket of a jacket. The air starts through a small gadget which houses a tiny fan and HEPA filter. Its small fan sucks the outside air through a HEPA filter manufactured by the brand 3M. This H13 medical grade filtration removes viruses and bacteria.

The filtered air from the gadget goes through a tube and is pushed into the mask OR creates a bubble of clean air around the users face with the help of a sleek accessory design. It is like getting fresh oxygen directly inside the mask. The device has three fan speeds which can be regulated with the on and off button.

The masks can be surgical masks, but we recommend an FFP / N95 mask or your own community mask out of textile.

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Proven Results

The EasyFlow systems have been tested this November 2020 by an independent lab. The results have shown that the device performed well and safe reducing microorganisms like virus and bacteria’s. Please read more about it here:

Download Test Results
KN95 Certification
CE Certificate

Use Cases

Generally, the Easy Flow System is needed by everyone where the air is questionable, as our breath is the most important part of our survival. However, during the pandemic or in polluted cities we recommend it mainly for the following segments.


Easy Flow can help where wearing a mask all day is required. Working as a craftsman, an assembly line in a factory, meetings with strangers, or where the safety measures to others cannot be guaranteed.


Being surrounded by patients with infectious diseases created by bacteria or viruses is dangerous work. Doctors, dentists, and healthcare workers enjoy the added protection of wearing an Easy Flow under these conditions.


Athletes and active sport enthusiast need constant fresh air. Jogging in a park, skiing, or riding in a crowded Gondola are now safe when wearing an Easy Flow.


Especially now during the current pandemic, you cannot avoid crowds like shopping, small events, or daily errands.


Many people feel very vulnerable during rush hour in public transportation like buses or trains, and feel the need to protect themselves. Easy Flow is the best way to protect yourself when you have to be in crowds and need fresh air.

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