Why us?

We are passionate about clean plus safe air and your personal wellbeing.

When Eric Ledergerber moved back to his birthplace Delhi, India in 2015 he was very concerned about how to survive in the world’s most polluted city. He quickly started to test various solutions in the air filtration space plus monitors – see newspaper article. In 2016 he as a consultant joined BreatheEasy which is India’s leading indoor air quality specialist, where he learned even more about indoor air quality and tested many buildings on their insufficient air quality. He set up the distribution ship of IQAir in India, helped hundreds of households to have their own perfect air at home and managed clients like the German Embassy and School, the Embassy of Switzerland to India plus known celebrities – see German newspaper article about his activities.

Due to chronical bronchitis he had to leave the country and return to his other home country, Switzerland. The air might be perfect in the mountains, however in the cities not always. When in 2020 the pandemic started, he quickly realized, he belongs to one of the few experts about indoor air quality in Switzerland and started to help his own network to protect themselves with various solutions and consulting services.

Eric is still passionate about clean, safe air and well-being of everyone.

Team & Partner

Eric Ledergerber

M.A. HSG in Marketing, Communication and Servicemanagement

Max Lang

B.A. HSG in Business Administration

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