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It does not look good and I feel like I have just come out of a hospital or going to the moon. What can you do about the design and hose?2021-02-04T16:05:07+01:00

We say, you anyways look strange with a mask these days, so there is not big different. However, it does look a little scary. But clean, safe air during a pandemic or in polluted cities comes at a cost. We at Airya have realized that clean air is far more important than vanity. But you could be the one to make this into a fashion statement and remember the EasyFlow is a talking object. People will ask you about it. Be bold – wear the EasyFlow and breathe clean, safe air!

Which filters does the mask use?2021-02-04T16:06:01+01:00

HEPA is an acronym for “High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor”. This acronym refers to a filter paper that is manufactured by 3M, tested, certified, and labeled in accordance with current HEPA filter standards. There are several sub-classes within the HEPA classification. The minimum HEPA category requires the filter to capture 99.97% of the 0.3-micron (0.000012-inch) particles in the air passing through the filter.

In November 2020 the filters were tested by an independent FDA approved laboratory and was approved >99% safe.

How often does the filter have to be changed and what are the costs?2021-02-04T16:06:57+01:00

It depends on the severity of the air pollution, and how long and often you wear it. In Europe we would say the filter lasts about 3-4 months if used daily at an average of 6-8h. Doctors and Healthcare people surrounded by COVID-19 patients should change it every 2-3 weeks.

Our research for a very polluted cities like Delhi India has shown that the ­filters should be changed after about only 40-50 hours of usage. The costs for the replacement filters are only CHF 8.90 for a single filter or CHF 18.- for a set of 3 filters.

How is it different from other masks on the market?2021-02-04T16:07:23+01:00

A long article can be written on this topic. But to quickly give the salient features – it is the ONLY personal air purification system that ensures that one does NOT feel hot and clammy (moist) when wearing it – even when running or playing a sport. It is the only system that creates positive pressure in the mask – the KEY to good air quality in the best air buildings of the world.

How does the air filtration device work?2021-02-04T16:08:22+01:00

The Easy Flow is a small device you can wear on a lanyard around your neck, attach to your belt, clip to your collar, or keep in the pocket of your jacket. Outside air is pushed through our certified HEPA 13 filter and pushed directly into your mask providing fresh filtered air free of viruses and bacteria.

Easy Flow has three speeds to adjust the comfort level of each individual.

The masks can be surgical masks, but we recommend an FFP / N95 mask, or your own community mask out of textile.

Which problem does this unique mask solve?2020-12-01T21:06:04+01:00

Professionals from industries all over the world wear respiratory systems and surgical masks to protect their health from hazardous chemicals and harmful dusts. However, research has shown that wearing a surgical or standard mask does little to protect you from harmful particulate matters like PM 2.5 and viruses. In fact, wearing a mask for long periods of time can cause discomfort, and may induce physiological stress on the wearer, making regular or sportive tasks more challenging, causing headaches due to high CO2 levels we exhaust, and other serious side effects.